Monday, October 02, 2006

Blog to Examine Emerging Media Technologies and Sports Television

Greetings! Thank you for visiting my blog.

The game plan for this blog is to examine the latest technological advancements in media and their relationships with sports television and advertising. From HDTV to VOD, sports on television have recently taken great strides in providing viewers with the best sports entertainment experiences one can have in their own living room. Just as the viewers are benefiting from these great advancements, so are the advertisers! New media allow advertisers to reach viewers in more ways than ever before, while providing numerous methods for advertisers to create strong associations with the sports leagues and teams that they sponsor.

It is surely an exciting time for sports fans and advertisers alike. I am personally in a great spot, being a sports fan and working in sports advertising sales. My name is Anthony Tsigourakos. I am in my second year of the MCIS program, but I am pursuing the degree on a part-time basis, so this is only my fifth course in the program. I began the program one semester after graduating from Rutgers College with a B.S. in Sport Management. I just can’t get enough of Rutgers! I currently work full time as a Sports Media Sales Planner for National Cable Communications in New York, NY. I am extremely interested in new media and advertising. I am maintaining this blog because it will directly applies to my current job and future career aspirations.

I hope this blog can share some exciting new information on sports media and advertising, while also allowing myself and others to give our opinions and ideas regarding the effects of new media on sports television and advertising.

Check back for updates. I hope to keep you informed and entertained!


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